Talking Pictures TV on Freeview

Talking Pictures TV moves to SD multiplex; expands nationwide UK viewership.


27th November 2017 23:00, Posted by Editor

Data Update

Sky Channel Christmas updates.

26th November 2017 20:19, Posted by Editor

Data Update

Sky Channel updates.

19th September 2017 22:32, Posted by Editor

Data Update

Freeview Channel updates.

3rd September 2017 01:35, Posted by Editor

Data Update

Sky Open changed to Sky Golf. Numerous changes. Sky Atlantic VIP\HD on 994\995.

6th August 2017 22:38, Posted by Editor

Talking Pictures TV on Virgin Media

Talking Pictures TV launched on Virgin Media channel 445 on 1st June 2017.

31st July 2017 23:12, Posted by Editor

Freesat Data Update

The following updates occured on 18th July:

152 True Entertainment +1, 153 TruTV, 154 ITV4 +1, 155 PBS America, 156 YourTV

FreeSat update: Quest (167) and Quest Red (169) were added to FreeSat on 18th July 2017. 168 is reserved for Quest+1.

Dave (157) and Home (166) will be available from August 1st 2017.

29th July 2017 01:38, Posted by Editor

Data Update

Sky full refresh. On 18 July 2017, Sky re-aligned its sports channels.

18th July 2017 23:32, Posted by Editor

Data Update

Sky full refresh. Tom Hanks channels added!

14th July 2017 22:02, Posted by Editor

Search feature added

Search feature added. Navigation buttons rearranged.

4th May 2017 22:30, Posted by Editor

STV2 for viewers in Scotland

STV2 will be available from 5pm on April 24th 2017 on Freeview Channel 8, Sky 117 and Virgin Media 159.

These channels are marked in standard listings as regional.

12th April 2017 22:06, Posted by Editor

Quest Red Update

Quest Red added to Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media. Sky full refresh.

18th March 2017 23:43, Posted by Editor

Virgin Media added to website

Virgin Media added to website.

12th March 2017 23:56, Posted by Editor

Compare feature added to website

We have added a Compare feature to the website to retrieve the channel numbers stored on different platforms.

27th February 2017 20:00, Posted by Editor

Discovery UK Channels will remain on Sky

A last minute deal was done by Sky and Discovery to keep these channels on Sky.

This would have been a particular problem for Discovery because there would be nowhere else for them to go. Quest is of course on Freeview but there are good programmes on Discovery and Discovery Shed which would have been sadly missed. These channels aren't on Freesat and are not FTA.

1st February 2017 00:30, Posted by Editor

Talking Pictures TV on Freeview

Talking Pictures TV (Sky: 343, Freeview: 81, Freesat: 306) is excellent but it can only be watched on Freeview Receivers that are HD. This is a standard definition channel showing archive material. It would be useful for people with older boxes if this was on a Standard Definition multiplex.

21st January 2017 01:17, Posted by Editor

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